martedì 31 luglio 2012

Ramadan e CouchSurfing

Ospitare via CouchSurfing una giovane musulmana in pieno Ramadan mi ha reso un uomo migliore. Incuriosito dal suo religioso sciopero della fame e della sete nelle giornate più calde dell'estate, le ho fatto qualche domanda:

- It's 8:20pm. When have you had your last glass of water?
I had my last glass of water at 4am...I'm doing Ramadan so I can't drink from 4am to 8:35pm

- Is it a sort of diet?
Haha no, actually Ramadan is the third pillar of my Religion, Islam. As a muslim you have to follow 5 pillars. 1) believe in Allah as your God and Mohammed as his profet; 2) say 5 prayers a day; 3) Ramadan; 4) give about 0,0025% of your yearly savings to people that need it; 5) go to the mecque for who is physically, mentally and financially able.

- Is Mohammed good in numbers?
I have no idea but I guess yes because he was a trader.

- What's your benefit in doing Ramadan?
I believe that Ramadan is a way to learn by contrition how to be humble and gratefull while enjoying the givigings of your daily life. I believe that I should be greatefull to God for things that he offers me for free (air, water).

- If water is a gift, don't you believe that God could be happy If you enjoy water with no contrition?
I don't know, ask him. It's a contrition for me...but It's also a way to show God that I'm greatefull for what he gave me.

- It's 8,33pm. In 2 minutes you can drink water. Today we had 40 degrees, Was it hard to visit Rome without drinking?
Oh God yes! It's so hard both doing Ramadan and playing tourist in Rome!

- Thanks to your trip in Italy, are you more gratefull to God for water?
I liked my trip in Italy because I spent great times with you but I'm gratefull for my water with or without Italy. you can drink! Cin-Cin

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