domenica 19 giugno 2011


We are renting a bed in a shared room in our apartment in Milan!We are 2 Italian guys and an English girl.  

It's in via Bullona, in Corso Sempione zone, a major thoroughfare of Milan, next to the big park located in the historic centre of the city, well-communicated with the Universities and stores. It's a really cool place to live in, also very safe at night, and in the area of the coolest clubs, bars, discos and pubs of the city.

The apartment consists in a large living room, bathroom, 2 double bedrooms, kitchen, 2 terraces. The house is fully equipped (internet wi-fi, TV full HD, telephone, PS3, washing machine, fridge and common kitchen wares, elevator, bike parking).

The beds will be available from September 2011
The monthly rent is 375€ per person and the deposit is 375€ per person.

We studied abroad and shared apartment with international students. 
We are looking for English mother tongue, funny, friendly and CLEAN people. 
If you recognize yourself in this description, contact us at:

ALESSANDRO: +39 335 15 28 342
SANDRA: +39 347 39 75 297

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